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I have had BWRT with Steve on 3 occasions to help with longstanding issues around health anxieties following a bereavement 20 years ago. I had tried other therapies in the past which had not resolved the issue.
Steve made me feel comfortable and the therapy quickly enabled me to feel much less anxious and happier in general about life. 
I had a family health issue in the New year but was able to cope well with this and without being unduly anxious.
Thank you Steve. 

Steve has helped me in dealing with several mental health issues that have been affecting me for the last nine years.

Steve has helped me overcome many of the 'triggers' that affected me and has significantly reduced my levels of anxiety on a day to day basis. 

Thank you so much.

After suffering with anxiety caused by a traumatic injury over 9 years ago I finally feel that I have seen a glimpse of my old self again. After 1 session with Steve I felt a noticeable change in myself almost immediately. I felt calmer, far less anxious and better prepared to face situations that I would normally run from. 

Steve is lovely to talk to. His approach instantly put me at ease and after little more than 30 minutes of treatment. I would feel confident to recommend BWRT with Steve to anyone.  



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