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When I came to Steve I was at the point of complete breakdown. I was suffering from anxiety and low mood. I had stomach pains that would last for weeks at a time as a result of my anxiety. I also had difficulty sleeping and felt emotionally drained. I had fleeting suicidal thoughts on occasions. I was finding it hard to do my job.

After my first session with Steve, I felt like I was floating on a cloud. It felt cathartic to speak to someone about my problems and how I was feeling instead of keeping everything inside. This positive feeling has become stronger after each session with Steve.I have started to feel excited about life again and as though there are multiple opportunities for me. I feel like I have got my sense of self back.  Steve has a natural gift and I couldn't recommend him more. He is 100% trustworthy and I can say anything that is on my mind without judgment. I only wish I had sought help sooner and I would encourage anyone who is suffering from anxiety and/or depression, speak to Steve.

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