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The Neurophysical Enhancement programme uses BWRT and psychology to improve your ability for physical exercise and also conditions the neural circuits used during exercise to be able to work at maximum efficiency. The practitioner does not supervise any physical exercise; therefore you are responsible for self-regulation during such exercise.

So who can benefit;

  • The 'couch potato' who wants to prepare for physical exercise

  • The confirmed non-exerciser who wants to stay as fit as possible

  • The moderate exerciser who wants to maximise benefit

  • The person with a chronic illness or looking for rehabilitation after illness or ischaemic events-express consent from their doctor or medical consultant will be needed.

  • Possibly the athletically fit individual who is looking for maximum performance


All trainers of this relatively new model of psychopathology are selected by The Terence Watts BWRT Institute and all adhere to the same training programme to ensure, as far as possible, consistency in technical expertise across the globe. 

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